Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Two in the Morning...

Doing some maintenance...

Apart from the maniacal cat that is causing mayhem in the dark, it's very quiet. Snoring dogs, the fridge compressor, and the single, psycho cat that needs to check every corner of the house at top speed. Every 5 seconds.

The glow of the laptop screen makes me want to put on mirrored sunglasses. In the dark. Like some William Gibson character in a Cyberpunk epic. Or not.


6) Channel Type { vc-nni(3), vc-uni(4) } : VC-UNI
7) Transport Priority {CBR(1), CBR_PRS(2), VBR_RT(3), : UBR
VBR_NRT(4), ABR(5), UBR(6) }
8) Multicast Enable { disable(0), enable(1) } : Disabled
10) AAL5 Discard Continue { disable(0), enable(1) } : Disabled

11) Traffic Parameters
13) Advanced Parameters


Ahhh. That's the poetry of a switch, at 0200 HRS. its a wonderful thing

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