Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures of Spring

Spring on the farm in Yamill, Oregon.  Aloha!

Non Japanese Shamisen Vikings

I Am A Shamisen Viking

Hana Hou!

Ok . Yngwie is without fault. Lets present this again!

(BTW Yngwie Rules! No comments from the peanut gallery please...)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Future

Hello and Aloha from Yamhill!

The three of you that have been following the blog are aware that our house back home was put up for sale. The house closed yesterday. While i was hoping for a little profit from the sale of the condo, i was not prepared for the actual financial truth of the closing.

Here is the edited version, for those of flowery constitution :

"Are you fucking the fuck kidding me? What the fucking FUCK! I MEAN, FUCK!! FUCK!!!"

After much introspection and consumption of adult beverages, i have come to realize we cannot be fearful of what the future holds for us; with each contraction of your heart, with every exhalation, the future came and went. The future is something to embrace; a dance partner that steps on your toes sometimes (maybe even a testicular kick now and then) but your partner nevertheless.

I am rich now, we are rich now, regardless of the temporary financial situation. I have the Sun In My Sky, we live in this magical place.. what more can you ask for, besides a Korean BBQ joint, and couple three big locals?

With time, stability will come from entropy... so don't fret none about us in Yamill.

We'll be fine, i promise.

More Aloha Airlines News

From the Honolulu Advertiser:

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin:

Please keep in mind that Hawaii is one of the most remote places on the planet, relying heavily on air cargo for inter-island goods. 


Monday, April 28, 2008


"A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts. We should be blessed if we lived in the present always, and took advantage of every accident that befell us, like the grass which confesses the influence of the slightest dew that falls on it; and did not spend our time in atoning for the neglect of past opportunities, which we call doing our duty. We loiter in winter while it is already spring. In a pleasant spring morning all men's sins are forgiven. Such a day is a truce to vice. While such a sun holds out to burn, the vilest sinner may return. Through our own recovered innocence we discern the innocence of our neighbors. You may have known your neighbor yesterday for a thief, a drunkard, or a sensualist, and merely pitied or despised him, and despaired of the world; but the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, re-creating the world, and you meet him at some serene work, and see how it is exhausted and debauched veins expand with still joy and bless the new day, feel the spring influence with the innocence of infancy, and all his faults are forgotten. There is not only an atmosphere of good will about him, but even a savor of holiness groping for expression, blindly and ineffectually perhaps, like a new-born instinct, and for a short hour the south hillside echoes to no vulgar jest. You see some innocent fair shoots preparing to burst from his gnarled rind and try another year's life, tender and fresh as the youngest plant. Even he has entered into the joy of his Lord. Why the jailer does not leave open his prison doors- why the judge does not dismis his case- why the preacher does not dismiss his congregation! It is because they do not obey the hint which God gives them, nor accept the pardon which he freely offers to all..."

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

I have turned off the fasten seatbelt signs, you are now free to roam about the Internet...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Aces High

Snow On Boots

Snow from the 19 April, 2008. Spring has Sprung, yo!

The Tasty Island

One of the greatest blogging achievements ever:

Apparently the folks at Bob's BBQ will have a conniption fit if you ask for something "without terri ..."

I would imagine the kitchen banter going like this:

"What? He no like da terri?"

"He said NO TERRI"

" What? No Terri?"

"Dats wat dis guy said . NO TERRI"

"K. I like talk to him..."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oyster Po Boys: The Pictorial Response

From the foodie Blog Chez Pim:

Mmmmm, fried oysters. Yummy goodness. Mmmmmm.

Seeing that one of us is Not from Hawaii, what is the proper pictorial response to the Po Boy?



M has pointed out that i failed to provide details about the picture:

The tasty dish above  is a fried clam plate from Bob's Famous Fried Clams in Salem, MA. If fried clams are a religion, Bob's would be the Vatican.

The room is the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem MA. 

Moon Over Mililani

A picture.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1130 HP at the WHEELS

One thousand, one hundred thirty horsepower at the wheels. You might say i find cars slightly interesting

From Jalopnik:

Why Do You Blog?

Here are some answers to the question, "Why do you blog?"

1) It's raining, and the goats told me to.

2) Why not?

3) I can make unlimited theoretical dollars.

4) It's like the guy/girl you see at Fort Street Mall, talking to themselves or their invisible friends from a different dimension.  Except in this case, it's on the Internet

4.5) MySQL.

5) Its Art, dude. i fucking kid you not.

6) See 5. Think very hard about that...

7) Blogging provides the recommended daily dose of catharsis as approved by the FDA.

8) If i didn't do this, I would be writing songs about moss. Do your really want to hear my compositions about moss based on the 20th century serial practices of Anton Webern?

8.5) Were you to sneak a listen of the aural moss onslaught, it would be a Trilogy of moss songs in the key of D minor, the saddest of all keys...

9) The alternative to number 8 would be artistic renditions of moss photographs

10) Bob The Llama wills it into existence. Bob the Llama has chosen the path of deterministic freedom within art. Bob the Llama has deemed it good. "So say we all", Says Bob the Llama..

How To Drink A Cup Of Coffee.

Play this Video with your first cup of coffee in the morning. So sayeth The King...

Yes, it's Hawaii.. the HIC

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weather Report.

Here is a recap of the weather for Yamhill, Oregon for the last two days.

Snow, Rain, Hail, SNOW, RAIN, HAIL.




In other news from forward operational base Yamhill: Lately I've been dealing with CMS setups for Unix boxen, as well as the install and testing of CPANEL and WordPress. The CMS  binge shards have been nubbing as follows:

My thoughts on the three? Cool, for the most part. If you are going to drop a blog or blog style site on your own host,  WordPress is pretty neat or just have Blogger (aka Google) do all the heavy lifting for you.  There seems to to be a lot of hoops to jump through for all three CMS setups mentioned above. Maybe i need to go to the church of RTFM?

Honestly? I had more fun making a site via hand coded HTML or iWeb. Pain free is good. Fun is good. Hair pulling and swearing at a computer is not good. If you get a CMS, hire a coder/designer or designer/coder or nerd/designer/coder/tweaker to get the site just so. 

The only thing that appealed to my aesthetic sense ( or lack thereof  ) was WordPress.  Install. Done. Pau. Start adding stuff. Live site, goodness. The other stuff, not so much instant gratification if you will. 

Some assembly required.

A test site for the curious is located here

Horses In The Mist.

Photos Tweaked by M

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go Danica GO!

Congratulations to Danica Patrick and Andretti Green Racing!

video here.

Shari's in Newberg. The Review

Here is my witty, insightful review:


Go here if you can:

Anna Miller's 24-Hour Restaurant
Pearlridge Center
98-115 Kaonohi Street
Telephone: 808.487.2421

or Go HERE:

The Original Pancake House   we like the one located on Kapiolani...

or Go HERE:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yamhill Sky

A picture.

From the ManBag of doom department...

Via Macdaily news: 

"We require corinthian.."  Yes, we do. Ricardo wills it!


It's Snowing! We welcome you, O Spring! With your warm days and kiss of life to trees once dead, birds sing your praises once again, o first season, starter of the seed. Matron of ..... Wait, scratch that. It's SNOWING! Say hello to spring in Oregon.


Friday, April 18, 2008

3 Months.

Today marks 3 months into ExpeditionOregon for M. 

To celebrate, I cooked a Pacific Northwest appropriate dinner.  This was, of course, paired with a Willamette Valley wine. Of course.

This week we welcomed Kona to the farm in Yamhill. She did not join us  for dinner, as she was enjoying her lawn salad. 


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Ecosystem Rocks!

Wonderful use of fast moving market synergy and use of core business functions in the changing desktop landscape.


If you're going to rip off The Boss, please attempt to do it right, OK? Very well then:

 Microsoft, hire a better lyricist.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...But what about the ADOBO?

The Honolulu Star Bulletin has an article on Filipino food today:

I noticed they did not mention Vicky's (say it like Bick  eys) on Bishop or Golden Coin in Kalihi. Hoy! What is up with that?  Is adobo cliche' now?

The best adobo-  be it chicken, pork, or the double fisted attack of the dreaded chicken and pork adobo, is the one your Mom or your Nana made for you.

Mabuhay from Yamhill, Oregon.

Its a Girl.

Congratulations are in order:

obsession #1? You'll be a little busy for the next 21 years =)

Congratulations to the both of you!

Lawyers Guns and Money...

Monster Cable has sent a cease and desist letter claiming patent infringement to Blue Jeans Cable. It also seems that the president of Blue Jeans Cable was an attorney at one time. Fancy that! Now how did that Zevon song go again? Stick it to the Monster...

Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back-Response to Monster Cable -via

Hawaii arrives in a big wooden box.

Our stuff arrived Monday in Yamhill.




Monday, April 14, 2008

Lago De Chapala

We went to Lago De Chapala on Sunday. This is the Mexican restaurant in Yamhill proper, located after the T&E General Store and Zippys (pizza ).

The chips and salsa placed in front of us was a good sign. Fresh and spicy.

I ordered the prawn ceviche as the appetizer. Sadly, they did not have the fish ceviche. Too bad, I needed to fix the Lomi/Poke' craving. The ceviche was outstanding, even M commented on how good it was. No mean feat seeing that she is not a ceviche fan. 

We both ordered the Arroz con Camarones for the entree. 

Seated across from us was a table full of cowboys and cowgirls. M mentioned they could not have been false/poser cowboys as their spurred boots were covered in a layer of poop. Sorry about that. Not quite used to a large gathering of cowpoke in a mexican restaurant.

(that's "cow poke" and not "cow poh kay"... for you locals out there. )

I liked the John Wayne movie sound effects as the head honcho of the table walked across the wood floor to pay the bill. Must have been high noon.

If you came in that night to play "spot the Filipino", congratulations! You've won! 
Please collect at the Oregon Lottery payout center near you...

Here is the short review:

Food? Excellent!
Margaritas? Not so much. 
Would we go again? Yes. 

Engineers Guide to Cats


Apple Store Bridgeport Village. Tualatin, Oregon

Pronounced : Too All Ah Tin.

To all my boys who serve the MotherShip, i present images of this remote and cold garrison of fruit technology. If you look closely you can see my name on the Genius Bar monitor. This was from a while back.

 I would describe the trip from Yamhill to this Apple store as an excursion.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Request from M

My wife has asked me why i have not blogged about one of the greatest citizens of Yamhill. I present to you, Bob the llama:

Lama glama

I was introduced to Bob on April 1st. Fascinated, i decided to do the world a service and publish a few facts about Bob the llama. Pushing through the red tape and the refusal at every turn for interviews, i've managed to piece these few scraps together:

Do not fuck with Bob the llama. Did you see Sissy Spaceks character in "Carrie"? It's EXACTLY like that, only this time, it is a llama with telekinetic powers. You have been warned.

Bob the llama can read your thoughts.

Bob the llama claims to have read all of "Remembrance of things past" by Marcel Proust.

Bob the llama has been known to use the phrase, "All Hat and no Cowboy".

Bob the llama can sing the entire Bach cello Suite in D Major, BWV 1012.

Bob the llama is not afraid of Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is afraid of Bob the llama.

Bob the llama carries a concealed weapon, a pearl inlay colt .380 semi-auto. Bob the llama loads it with special ammunition made for zombie and werewolf attack. It has been said that the holster for the pistol is made of human bill collector skin.

Bob the llama loathes you, yet allows you to live.

Bob the llama likes war kittens.

Bob the llama enjoys Hawaiian falsetto music.

Bob the llama claims to be an atheist, but is rumored to worship Zool.

Sorry. I got carried away. None of that is true.

The real story of Bob the llama, as told to me by the goat on the property:

Bob the llama does not have telekinetic powers. An anonymous goat on the proptery has evidence that Bob the llama is in fact a KGB mole left over from the cold war. The goat source has also told me that Bob the llama will secretly use his opposable thumbs at night to contact his former handlers in the Kremlin, if only to reminisce. It is said that Bob the llama will speak with an English accent and will answer to the codename Mr. Chernenkov.

Bob the llama simply wishes to retire in peace in Yamhill county.

I respect that in a llama.

Спасибо, Bob the llama, Спасибо.

Aloha from Yamhill, Oregon

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The secret living in my house.

Dear Internet weblog/diary to which i confess and share my deepest most personal thoughts with total strangers,

Let me be honest and revealing for a minute. You'll note that i rarely, if ever,refer to anyone by name. I have my reasons. Anonymity? Perhaps. If you dig enough, you'll know who writes this stuff, or you could piece together a profile of the writer or writers.

I mean really, who writes this stuff? Who reads it for that matter?

Perhaps i'm vague about identities because blogging may interfere with my contract work for the company that i work for back home in Hawaii. Perhaps i may feel that the readers of blogs on the Internet are all part of a vast left wing cabal, an illuminati, a secret society, controlling our thoughts, your very actions . The true power behind puppet government, these digerati ar in yur bl0gz, readin yor th0ts.

I don't claim to be an expert in anything. I like to write down observations of life as catharsis. It's good for you, and provides the recommended daily amount of cathartic action as described by the FDA.

On with the blog.

This is my dog, Uli.

Here is another picture.

She is a rescue from the Hawaiian humane society. Like me, she was born and raised in Hawaii. Unlike me, she does not type (to my knowledge) and does not live on the Internet.

Isn't she cool? I would consider myself first a "cat person" if asked. Uli the first dog I've ever owned. She was named after Uli Jon Roth, the guitar player in the original iteration of "The Scorpions". The astute amongst you will say, "Well, its a female dog, she should be called Uwe."

Yes, you're right.

Yes, you can shut the hell up now. It's Uli because i said so.

I think she's cool. Man's best friend indeed- real, unconditional love on four legs.

Loving, attentive eyes.

Behind those eyes, lies the mind of a twisted fiend. Yes, a fiend.

Here is a picture of poop.

Notice i did not use the term "horse manure". I said poop. We refer to it as "poop" in this house because:

1) "Poop" is monosyllabic
2) Seeing #1, i've come to the conclusion that it is much easier to use "poop" in Haiku.
3) Iambic pentameter !

This is a picture of approximately 100 pounds of poop. The street value of this amount, in the pure un-cut form, is several, if not a couple of dollars in seedy and dangerous canine underworld. There. i've said it.

You know where this is going.

Far be it from me to judge my dog. He without sin cast first stone and so on...

I am not an angel, I've had my share of bad judgement calls.. i will draw the line at equine poop abuse or EPA. You can do anything else. Why that Uli? Why that?

Exterior Day

A man and his dog are out for a walk on their horse farm in YAMHILL, OREGON.

You know Uli, it really is the perfect day, like that dude said on that internet blog thing...why, what are you...

Not able to conceal her addiction any longer, the DOG lunges for a pile of horse poop in the tall grass




My heart sank. Her eyes went from the sparkle of unconditional love to the thousand yard stare of an EPA victim. Distant and unfeeling. Looking for the next perverse, poopy fix.

If you have a dog in your house, do anything you can to prevent this epidemic. Educate them. Talk to them of the dangers of EPA. Do you have a cat? You have a gateway drug in your home and don't even know it.

Give your dogs hugs, love and affection.

Just don't let them lick your face.

Aloha from Yamhill.


Dear Internet web log in which i bare my deepest moments to total strangers,

Today was a warm Spring day.

That was an example of brevity in writing.

The following, however, is not.

Today was not as cold as it has been. In fact, it was much warmer then the previous week. So much so, that i would decline to call it "hot" as hot, to me,  implies "Hawaii hot". This was not the  case. Pressed for an answer, i would  say that today was warmer than cold.

 That's it. 

It was was warmer than cold, yet far from the level of "Hawaii hot". So, to  summarize:

1) Today: Not "Hawaii Hot" by any stretch of the imagination. Not even.
2) Today: Warmer than cold.
3) ????


Thank you and Aloha from Yamhill, Oregon


Some one in this house has a Printer Fetish: 

(shhh. I think its the wife...)
French & Portuguese; French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço, from feitiço artificial, false, from Latin facticius factitious
1 a: an object (as a small stone carving of an animal) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly : a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence b: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion ...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Purple Porsche Powerhouse.

From Jalopnik:

Four words:

Purple  lift  off  oversteer...

The Trees.

A picture of the tree outside of the house:

"The Trees" by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

There is unrest in the Forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the Maples want more sunlight
And the Oaks ignore their pleas

The trouble with the Maples
(And they're quite convinced they're right)
They say the Oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the Oaks can't help their feelings
If they like the way they're made
And they wonder why the Maples
Can't be happy in their shade?

There is trouble in the forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the Maples scream `Oppression!`
And the Oaks, just shake their heads

So the Maples formed a Union
And demanded equal rights
'The Oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light'
Now there's no more Oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet,
And saw ...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


A flower in our yard. Yamhill, Oregon

Life is not fair. Really.

Found. A Pho place in  Superior, Colorado.   All well and good, yet we live with the injustice of no Korean Restaurants in Yamhill, Oregon.  

Four side dishes, styrofoam box, two scoops of rice? Anyone?  

Here is the irony:  The pub fare restaurant in Newberg is Korean owned. Apparently not one single instance of Hangul on the menu. 

Good onion rings though. Score!


Lost in thought

Old on the Internet

Usenet news. It's not just for torrents and warez, kids! Found this in an archive folder:

"Words are cheap and vitriol flows like water down the crumbling, mossy mountainsides of prose. Megabytes of gibberish grind forth like glaciers from the keyboards of the thirty million guinea pigs participating in the largest clinical trial ever: the testing of a new reality completely devoid of common sense."

-- Charlie Stross, commenting on Usenet

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yamhill to Portland. Blurry Youtube style...

Video here

The HP answer to the Asus eeepc?

Cheapie subnotes via the Amazon blog. Looks like a nice hacking piece kit. 

Think it'll run OpenBSD?

T&E General Store

Sort of like Tamura's, except for the poke' part...

The Wound! The Wound!

Day 2 of the continuing saga of stair bruises:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Light and Dark

A picture

Developers, Developers Developers: Google App Engine

Saw this:

The kicker is that preview release of the service is free and:   "Every Google App Engine application can use up to 500MB of persistent storage and enough bandwidth and CPU for 5 million monthly page views."

5 Million. That's five groups with each group having a million things, otherwise known by the more common name of 5 Million. Get thee to coding, it's time to crack open that book on Python.

The Meaning of the word "Oregon.."

Searching through the vast wasteland of truth that is the Internet, I have at long last discovered the meaning of the word "Oregon". There, on an ASCII tablet, was its true meaning, waiting to be set free:

Oregon is a Native Kalapuya Yamhill word meaning, "The big yellow ball in the sky doesn't come out much, so get used to it. Yes you, the guy from Hawaii, especially you!"

Avant-garde linguists have also put forth an alternate definition, saying that the ancient, sacred word Oregon means, "This place is dark and cold, will wonders ever cease?" and, depending on the way the word is stressed, "Where the hell is the heater in this friggen place?".

It is a Beautiful place, however.

Please to be clicky:  Things About Portland That Suck

Disclaimer: I think its a really nice city. So far, I've been there this many times. (holds up fingers)

Aloha from Yamhill!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunset in Yamhill again. M, Cassie and Wren.

Pictures that are not injuries! Aloha!

Hey Moe! Hey Moe!

Oregon rain + rubber muck boots covered in poop and mud + wet stairs= The Curly Shuffle


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogging. Bad for Health. Ha Ha.

Geez. Who writes this?

My rebuttal? This:

Yeah, but is it Art? The Snow in Yamhill Video

In case you haven't seen it, i present the snow video. I find snow exciting.

Miracle Pizza.

Read this:

Miracle Pizza from Waiter Rant.  I'll wait...

I wanted to share that so I could share this:

I'll be the first to admit that I am not people person, exactly. Maybe anti-social? Grumpy Gus? Negative Nancy? Sociopath? 

The world is screwed, people suck, everyone is looking out for their own agendas, it's a government conspiracy, etc. Bad things don't shock me.  Someone being thoughtful, compassionate, helpful? It's unexpected. To me, anyway. 

We all tend to focus on the bad when we should be enjoying the good. I don't want this to turn into a Zen , feel good, self help, Oprah book-club blog post. This is just my way of expressing thanks.  Even in dark times, daylight comes. 

Now, if only that mutli mullion dollar startup or Giant Search Engine Company( quick, what rhymes with snoogle? ) would just fucking hire me.

Thanks man. You know who you are...

Night in Newberg

It was time for a supply restock. It was decided that we were off to the Fred Meyer in Newberg. I didn't think we'd make the closing, but we actually stopped at Chapters book store to fix my book fix. I haven't cracked open a book in about two months, so why not. I might even get my first sip of Stumptown.

hmm. Set my expectations too high, I did, hmm? Expecting something, were you?

Couple of hints, Chapters. More books? Perhaps it was my lack of exposure to paper for that length of time, perhaps I was cranky, but it appears that the Fred Meyer has a more diverse selection of books then the  local bookstore? No copy of "The Hobbit" at either store, nor was there a copy of "Neuromancer" or any books on Programming, Ciscos, or Unix.  

Exit Chapters.

Exterior Fred Meyers. Night.

I picked up a copy of "Fugitives and Refugees: A walk in Portland, Oregon" by Chuck Palahniuk from Fred's.


Nope, never read any of his books. Nope, never saw the movie "Fight Club". Correct. I did not.

End Disclaimer.

I also picked up  "A Whole New Mind Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future" by Daniel H. Pink. So far, the Portland book is very entertaining. Once the other book is done, I suspect a quest to Powells or another book store is in order. Reading on the computer is reading, but it is no replacement for Reading. 

In other news, the kitten appears to be going into her first heat. Hey, any of you guys want cat pee or yowling? Sound good?


Microsoft and Yahoo

Microsoft Sends Letter to Yahoo Board of Directors

Embrace and extend, indeed. Don't screw around w/ my Yahoo mail account, dickheads.


I meant, don't screw around w/ my Yahoo mail account, dick heads.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Welcome Back, McCully!

From The Honolulu Star Bulletin:

It's about time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I got my voice back.

"The concept of the rock-guitar solo in the eighties has
pretty much been reduced to: Weedly-weedly-wee, make a face,
hold your guitar like it's your weenie, point it heavenward,
and look like you're really doing something. Then, you get
a big ovation while the the smoke bombs go off, and the
motorized lights in your truss twirl around!" -Frank Zappa

I have been playing guitar for a long time. It is my security blanket, my window into myself, the connection from the most abstract to vibrating molecules of air. Most of all, it is my voice. My primary means to expression of all sorts of things I would not dare to say out loud, much less in English- yeah, I'll tell you. In  song. With one note or sixty four. Not that I can express everything easily through music, but it beats Powerpoint... Baring my deep thoughts to total strangers on the Internet? How can you do that?  Well, to tell you the truth, this could all be a work of fiction by a single mother waiting to write the next blockbuster children's book about wizardly pre-pubescent teens, or the product of a shut-in that lives with his folks in a basement apartment somewhere in Des Moines. 

Maybe I'm  a group of technologically advanced badgers, with access to a local DS3 and a laptop? Perhaps, just perhaps.

I digress.

The other day something arrived in Yamhill via the Brown Santa. Once I saw it, i opened the package right then and there on the porch. The great man who sent it to me from Hawaii christened it "Little Wing".  Fitting, you think? 



Not having played for over a month, I was a little hesitant. Jeeze! Can I play anymore,  just bumble through something? Really bad blues in A?

I checked the tuning, and just played.

The familiar lick of a Hawaiian V I turnaround came and went. More notes, more licks, more chords. Soon I realized I was playing 5 minutes worth of Black Sabbath medleys to an empty barn and the barn kitty of doom. I think she might have reached for her kitty lighter of doom just then. Should have took a picture.

I'm writing(typing) this down, not for the random folks out there on the massive Internet, not for the $10K plus in Theoretical Dollars*,  but for myself. To remind myself why expressing yourself is a very real need for us, to remind myself that I've lost my voice for well over a month, and  to remind myself of one more thing:


I got my voice back on April 3, 2008.



Play on....

Guitar. Part One.

"Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two." -Fredric Chopin

"Jus Press." -Ledward Ka'apana

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Sunset in Yamhill. April 1, 2008

Korean food

Here's something I miss, Korean Food! (via Slashfood)

I've noticed a definite lack of Korean food places in Yamhill. You can't just go out and get Fish Jun
with your four sides and two scoops of rice. Maybe the T&E General Store carries Taegu?  I have my doubts about that...

National PB&J Day

Its National Peanut Butter and Jelly day!

Sunrise in Yamhill, Oregon

Good morning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to Telecommute to Hawaii from Oregon

My days juxtapose two very polar opposite jobs. A Network Administrator/Network Engineer is job #1. Job #2 is ranch hand. These are the exceedingly well detailed methods in which I, dear reader, perform these duties to the best of my abilities. So well in fact, that there is a statue erected in my honor in midland upper northwest downtown Waikiki. The statue is located at the corner of 149th NW Nordernsternenerden and 54th Kalakaua. If you cannot immediately see the statue, please hold your breath and stare directly into the midday sun for 68 seconds. You'll see it. Promise.

Here are the excruciatingly well detailed steps to telecommuting and horse farm success:

1) Turn on laptop and guzzle large amounts of coffee.
2) Refill coffee cup.
3) Gaze deeply into vast LCD wasteland of laptop screen. Blink. Hope for divine inspiration.
4) Log in to remote downtown Honolulu office via VPN, SSH tunnel or a combination of both.
5) Refill coffee cup.
6) ... ?
7) Type furiously. Spring into action over the internet. Save lives, make flowers bloom.
8) Pick up many many pounds of horse poop and place into wheelbarrow. Empty. Repeat.
9) Fight vicious territorial war against renegade underground mole army. Have daily briefings with front line General, Barn Kitty of Doom.
10) Profit!

Easy ? It is. I'm available for hire you know, serious.


*job #3 is house husband and housekeeping. surprised?

Flight 261

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin:

Thank you for flying Aloha

From the Honolulu Advertiser:

Aloha's final flight 261

April 1st, 2008

The weather forecast for Yamhill, Oregon. Mostly Sunny with trades from the east, gusting up to 15 MPH. Expect highs in the 80s with an overnight low of 72°F.

Traffic is moving smoothly along the airport viaduct and Moanalua freeways with no stalls or slow downs on the Middle St. merge. Your commute into metro Portland will be unreal, cuz.