Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Future

Hello and Aloha from Yamhill!

The three of you that have been following the blog are aware that our house back home was put up for sale. The house closed yesterday. While i was hoping for a little profit from the sale of the condo, i was not prepared for the actual financial truth of the closing.

Here is the edited version, for those of flowery constitution :

"Are you fucking the fuck kidding me? What the fucking FUCK! I MEAN, FUCK!! FUCK!!!"

After much introspection and consumption of adult beverages, i have come to realize we cannot be fearful of what the future holds for us; with each contraction of your heart, with every exhalation, the future came and went. The future is something to embrace; a dance partner that steps on your toes sometimes (maybe even a testicular kick now and then) but your partner nevertheless.

I am rich now, we are rich now, regardless of the temporary financial situation. I have the Sun In My Sky, we live in this magical place.. what more can you ask for, besides a Korean BBQ joint, and couple three big locals?

With time, stability will come from entropy... so don't fret none about us in Yamill.

We'll be fine, i promise.

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