Saturday, April 12, 2008


Dear Internet web log in which i bare my deepest moments to total strangers,

Today was a warm Spring day.

That was an example of brevity in writing.

The following, however, is not.

Today was not as cold as it has been. In fact, it was much warmer then the previous week. So much so, that i would decline to call it "hot" as hot, to me,  implies "Hawaii hot". This was not the  case. Pressed for an answer, i would  say that today was warmer than cold.

 That's it. 

It was was warmer than cold, yet far from the level of "Hawaii hot". So, to  summarize:

1) Today: Not "Hawaii Hot" by any stretch of the imagination. Not even.
2) Today: Warmer than cold.
3) ????


Thank you and Aloha from Yamhill, Oregon

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