Monday, April 14, 2008

Lago De Chapala

We went to Lago De Chapala on Sunday. This is the Mexican restaurant in Yamhill proper, located after the T&E General Store and Zippys (pizza ).

The chips and salsa placed in front of us was a good sign. Fresh and spicy.

I ordered the prawn ceviche as the appetizer. Sadly, they did not have the fish ceviche. Too bad, I needed to fix the Lomi/Poke' craving. The ceviche was outstanding, even M commented on how good it was. No mean feat seeing that she is not a ceviche fan. 

We both ordered the Arroz con Camarones for the entree. 

Seated across from us was a table full of cowboys and cowgirls. M mentioned they could not have been false/poser cowboys as their spurred boots were covered in a layer of poop. Sorry about that. Not quite used to a large gathering of cowpoke in a mexican restaurant.

(that's "cow poke" and not "cow poh kay"... for you locals out there. )

I liked the John Wayne movie sound effects as the head honcho of the table walked across the wood floor to pay the bill. Must have been high noon.

If you came in that night to play "spot the Filipino", congratulations! You've won! 
Please collect at the Oregon Lottery payout center near you...

Here is the short review:

Food? Excellent!
Margaritas? Not so much. 
Would we go again? Yes. 

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