Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Meaning of the word "Oregon.."

Searching through the vast wasteland of truth that is the Internet, I have at long last discovered the meaning of the word "Oregon". There, on an ASCII tablet, was its true meaning, waiting to be set free:

Oregon is a Native Kalapuya Yamhill word meaning, "The big yellow ball in the sky doesn't come out much, so get used to it. Yes you, the guy from Hawaii, especially you!"

Avant-garde linguists have also put forth an alternate definition, saying that the ancient, sacred word Oregon means, "This place is dark and cold, will wonders ever cease?" and, depending on the way the word is stressed, "Where the hell is the heater in this friggen place?".

It is a Beautiful place, however.

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Disclaimer: I think its a really nice city. So far, I've been there this many times. (holds up fingers)

Aloha from Yamhill!

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