Friday, June 5, 2009

The Storm

There were thunderstorms predicted for yesterday. They showed up.... and brought something else.


The day began like any other. Lately, its been getting warmer(and i mean anything above 72 Degrees F), so i expected to finish the farm chores earlier to beat the heat and the approaching storm.

i sat with my laptop, finishing my electronic work, when i heard a banging noise on the window. When i looked out, i noticed an interesting reddish cloud coming over the hay field. *


The wind started to howl, the horses began to spook, and the rain of debris began. It was trash day today; the giant sippy cup trash bins were lined up like little soldiers at the beginning of the driveway. Each container can hold up to 200lbs- they are quite heavy. Consider me surprised when i saw them tumbling like wadded up pieces of paper down the driveway.

i had to go outside.

It was sort of what you'd think being in a tornado is like, but in this case, all the wind came from the south, and less "tornado-ey". The horses seemed to take it in stride after a little while, only spooking when the big sustained gusts came in. As i made my way to barn to shut the front door ( trying to keep oak branches out of my retinas ) i noticed large fallen boughs at the front of the drive. Gardening for the next few days will totally suck, i think.

The power took at hit twice, but came back online.

Twenty minutes later, it was all over. Anybody game for helping me clean up?

*duh, thats the monster winds picking up all the soil from the aforementioned field of hay.

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Kai said...

lol i'd help ya clean up but you know.... i'm still here in hawaii!!!! ><