Sunday, July 5, 2009


Lately, fear of the giant hydrogen ball has kept me from my regular posting duties. That and the little distraction known as real life... you know like wondering if the great leader wants to send a nuke to a remote island in the pacific, providing for the farm, that sort of stuff. So in the interest of keeping this post remotely entertaining (if only to me) Here are some things that have or have not happened in Yamhill, Oregon:

Nope. No Stoplight yet. I like it just the way it is.

If you go to the TMO, you might see overalls, cowboy hats & spurs, Cammo and John Deere caps all on the same day, on one person! Or not...

It's getting to be quite hot. Did i mention summers get hot?

The Loncheria/Taco Wagon in McMinville, Oregon is a thing of epicurial wonder and delight. GO. NOW.

They may call it "Sushi" but it's not. Thats right, Safeway McMinville, i'm looking at you.

i love the signs that say: Right Turn Permitted Without Stopping. Posted at stopsigns. Awesome.

Bob the Llama is now shorn. You must avert your gaze when looking upon the countenance of Bob the Llama.

i need to help the BKODs win the war againt the mole army. Yet, we cannot poison the soil. Would you believe some persons would suggest using ultrasonic mole chaser stakes and Juicy Fruit chewing gum? ( as opposed to swallowing gum, but i digress...)

Willsonville road. i *heart* thee..

Tailgating, its the Oregon pastime. And i don't mean hagning out at a sports event grilling and hanging with your buds.

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