Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shade Us Now (Or How I Learned To Not Enjoy Summer)

As an exercise in writing, i try not to let my little corner of the internets turn into a giant bitch fest.
Here is a small bit of good news.

The current brutal heatwave that is suffocating the Willamette Valley in particular, and most of the Pacific Northwest in general ,is starting to break. Relief continues to come with each new sunrise, and the weather is expected to get back to normal (80s' -ish) by Tuesday of next week.


*did that paragraph make any sense at all? i should just write in little notebooks and scan the entries. At least my handwriting would get better..*

-end break

We continue to research our options regarding re-conditioning of the paddock/barn areas. With the amount of *distractions* and *setbacks* happening here at F.O.B.Y.F , channeling energies into something that has tangible, positive results...would be nice. To say the least.

Vague? Fuzzy ? Yes, i do that on purpose.

To the cheese cave , nocturnal flying creature male! It's certainly much cooler there.

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