Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010: The Month In Review

Why it's seemed like 2009 was only a month ago...(or less).

What have we learned so far?

Farm/Ranch projects are always ongoing and will always follow the laws of entropy.
Even if you can keep most of an area dry, prepare for leaks.
It is wet in Oregon.
It is cold in Oregon.
It is wet in Oregon.
If it says "Unbreakable" or "Impact Resistant", it will most likely receive some sort of impact and break.
It is dark in Oregon.
Winco does not accept certain methods of payment.
Socializing your indoor human being is a good thing.
Good car or Cheap car, you can pick only one.

Sometimes, the people that you thought were your close friends will abandon you over:

Political differences
Socio-Religious beliefs
Tickle Me Elmo

hey it happens...

Yamhill is not a Native American word that means "Feel the Excitement"
Sometimes city water isn't all that.
Soon i will reach the milestone of putting the "unt" in "country" for two years.
People from Waimanalo make it to Newberg, Oregon.
If someone says it's spicy, it's probably not.

The fun never stops.

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