Saturday, May 1, 2010

One May

One may forget to post in ones' blog/online journal/digital diary/web enabled rant machine from time to time. Perhaps it is due to dealing with actual life on F.O.B:YF that causes large posting rifts? Perhaps i am busily crafting an epic post that will change your life, cure disease, reverse polar ice shelf melting, make windows easy to use, drop 40 million dollars (U.S.) out of the sky directly in front of me, and make the flowers grow. Or not.

So instead of singing Puccini-esque arias to my purported genius, get thee to the toob or the Internets. It is derby day. If you'll excuse me, i gotta see a man about a horse...

p.s. it is still too cold for shorts and t-shirts. Spring, indeed.

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