Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things i Learned About Hawaii From Watching Hawaii 5-0

Here is what i've learned so far from the first two episodes:

Hawaii is an Extremely Dangerous Place! For God's sake, Don't Go!

Selective Fire Weapons practically grow on the palm trees there, it's true i tell you.

Detectives drive new Camaros, or ride Sportbikes. Helmet and Seatbelts are optional.

Super Hackers live in Ka'a'awa or Kahala.

Apparently only three members of the H.P.D can speak. The others, sadly, are mute.

There is only one Shave Ice place on the entire island of Oahu and it is run by a militant racist with an eating disorder.

Locals, born and bred, cannot pronounce Kalakaua.

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