Sunday, October 26, 2008


It was time to take the recycling in. Not knowing how to turn the heater on in the car is a slight disadvantage. Trying to pull your gloves out of your vest pocket while driving and shivering at the same time adds to overall fun quotient. Good Times...

This day was also monumental as it was my first solo trip to the farm supply store. Will i get lost? Will they have the stall powder in stock? Will it be warm in the store?

No. Yes. Yes.

The reward was the drive back. It's fall, i've never experienced it, ever! The colors, the insanely cold air! The colors! Just leaves dying? Much more than that. The oft used phrase "God's Country" came to mind. Yes it is a cliche', yes it's overused, i know.

It works here in Yamhill County, no doubt.

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