Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Horse Radish: Carlton, Oregon.

As you may know, i work from home. Lots of typing. It was suggested that we visit the Horse Radish in Carlton as they have "Open Mic Night" on Wednesdays, and it might cure me of my occasional bouts of cabin fever.

Guess what we did last night? Here is the short review...

The food:

Any place, and i mean any place that serves Humboldt Fog cheese rocks mightily. Period.
She ordered the small tasting platter that included that particular goat delight, as well as Sopressata, peppers, and their handmade bread. Winnaz.

The Drinks:

Good Selection of beer, i did not try the wine, even though it is a Wine and Cheese Bar.

The Music:

You know, there is never enough Judas Priest...what you gonna do?

i can review myself: couldn't hear ( no monitors ) wasn't playing my primary instrument- i had my little acoustic instead ( that's right, there is no pickup on the guitar. it was mic'ed. Open Mic Night , remember ? )

As i lay my butchery of "Crossroads" and "Tush" to the unaware citizenry of Carlton, it dawned on me i was having fun. You betcha.

Will we go again? Of course.

The Horse Radish


monika said...

There is NOBODY who rocks like Frank - even with a tiny little acoustic. Frank, you are a rock god. We are not worthy...

NonVegan said...

I don't know who this "Frank" guy is...