Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Giving of Thanks

Kûmaka ka `ikena iâ Hi`ilawe
Ka papa lohi mai a`o Maukele

Pakele mai au i ka nui manu
Hau wala`au nei puni Waipi`o

`A`ole nô wau e loa`a mai
A he uhiwai au no ke kuahiwi

He hiwahiwa au na ka makua
A he lei `â`î na ke kupuna

No Puna ke `ala i hali `ia mai
Noho i ka wailele a`o Hi`ilawe

Today is my first ever Thanksgiving away from Hawaii. Currently the temperature is an Ewa Beach like soul melter of 28°F. Hoo brah, stay hot. We will be venturing deep in to the hinterlands of Scappoose to hang out and celebrate turkey subjugation day with other Hawaii expats. To give you, the internet audience, a feeling for what life is like out here in Yamhill, i will include a photorealistic depiction of the previous morning. Behold:

(pen on legal pad, A portrait of the artist. 2008 Yamhill)

Let us talk about the use of negative space in this stunning, hyper-realistic portrait of the hard scrabble life in Yamhill. Ok, maybe not. That is not a bong in the picture, its a thermometer. Note the fine lack of brush strokes and the choice of legal paddery. While one could be forgiven if you were to think that i am composed of one dimensional lines and have an obvious lack of genitalia...i think it looks pretty close to what life is like out here in Yamhill. Don't you?

Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving.

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