Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seared Ahi In Bridgeport

Far from Yamhill, beyond Newberg, beyond Sherwood, even farther than Tualatin there is a mall. Within the vast street saddling area of this outdoor ode to capitalism, you will find a restaurant. Not just any restaurant in Oregon, but a link in a chain of restaurants. This link, you will discover, serves Seared Ahi. Yes, i was skeptical, yes i had my doubts, yes i was ready to spit very rare fish onto the floor of this fine food establishment. Surprise. It was awesome. It had ogo, ginger, wasabi and soy. It had the flavors i haven't tasted in almost a year. The Blackened Salmon Burger was winners. The Mrs. gave a glowing review of the French Onion Soup and Chicken Pasta dish.

To keep myself amused, i've been trying to find analogs of places familiar to me in the state of 808.
M&S is like Ryans and Brew Moon with a hint of Palominos.

Will we go back? Of course ! Coathooks man, Coathooks.

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