Friday, January 23, 2009

Asian Bistro. Newberg Oregon.

i was treated to dinner tonight, possibly as payment for elevating my blood pressure whilst dealing with TELCOs. or something. The Asian Bistro is located deep in Newberg next to AutoZone. A few things i'm used to in Chinese restaurants; a bottle of shoyu, a little pot of chinese mustard, perhaps a jar of of chili oil or sambal, and a pot of tea at your table. They had tea. Disaster? Abort? No.

The short review: It rocked, great Chinese food ( pretty much the real deal, they just need more noodle choices ) great service. It was crowded and i was not the only asian..

so there.

*ok. The menus are in english, and the more exotic stuff is nowhere to be seen.. but i stand by the review! 5 Char siu baos is my rating.

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