Friday, January 23, 2009

An easy road to graying hair...

Greetings... as the title suggests, we will be talking about phone/call center based technical support and the escalation of support requests.

Apple and ATT, you fucking suck.  Do not pass go, do not collect your money. 

1: All groups responsible for a system or systems that impact customer experience must be  CUSTOMER FACING.  As a customer and a consumer i would like to have access to the groups or persons allegedly fixing my issue. Am i not allowed to speak to the mechanic? Can i not discuss with the chef? Sure we're not supposed to talk to the bus operator or the pilot, but the group that's doing moves adds and changes for the VVM systems? Unless its a matter of national security, forward the fucking call if i ask for esca -fucking -lation.

2: Update trouble tickets in a timely fashion. Don't leave resolution times open ended or say XX hours after which we will update you. Uh, no. TWTC and other Telco facilities will open  a ticket and take at least two contact numbers for status updates...which BTW are sent out on an hourly basis until resolution

3: Don't think the customer is too stupid to troubleshoot. It's a bad assumption, and i might be very pissy that day. Test/Troubleshoot/Test, replicate the issue and test again. Present findings to the support group or customer service reps in a timely fashion.

4: i can stay on hold for a very very long time...the hold music for most call centers i find...very soothing.

5: see number 4. i live in a rural remote area, lots of time ...tick tock, tick tock..

What is all of this leading to ? The line might have been crossed, the final straw placed on the ship of the sandy seas.. that is to say, my abode might be infiltrated with a RIM crackberry.. Oh irony, thou accursed and foul creature!

Post tenebras spero lucem 

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monika said...

Verizon is the emperor of suck. They sodomize their customers without the aid of vaseline. No one should use Verizon for anything except as a target for extreme verbal abuse. Are there any attorneys out their who are hot to initiate a class action lawsuit against Verizon???