Monday, February 2, 2009

The Cult of Personality

I saw this on some online news website:

Miley Cyrus says her mom's black Porsche -- which she inherited around her 16th birthday -- was driving her crazy.
So she ditched it for a new set of wheels.
"I didn't like it 'cause it was bad for the environment, and it was too big," she says in a new video on her Web site. "My dad surprised me last night with a black Prius."
She likes it better because it's "good for the environment, and it's adorable!"

Ok this is easy:

1: When you go on tour, do you have:
  • a private jet or plane
  • a tour bus or buses
  • limo or multiple vehicles for press or publicity
  • limo for the entourage
* if the answer is yes to any of the above, please tell he people that write your press releases to shut your fucking holes about the environment. Hear that ? Mother Earth is calling, and she wants to kick your ass (and we are speaking of the collective ,"celebrity" ass but what do i know..)

2) Those environmentally "friendly" Prius' still burn gas when at speed...and what i find incredibly amusing, is that they carry an ARRAY (that means more than one..) of mother earth hating lead acid batteries. Lead? Acid? Sounds green to me. Lets see:

plastic for the battery housing "from the rain forest!"

lead, nickel , copper and other heavy metals "from the rain forest, and it makes me feel good about being better than non celebrities!"

sulphuric or muratic acid "hand made by indigenous tribes in the rain forest, with unicorns running the co-op in an almost ashram-kibbutz fashion." oh yeah... i went there..

So i'm glad that one person, it would seem the only person who cares, has actually thought of their environmental impact and "carbon footprint" and is truly active in being a caretaker of Gaia and not some vapid, shallow publicity excursion. Perish the thought..

*please note the use of satire, thank you. It's the U.S.A, freedom of speech and all that..

Disclosure: My current vehicle currently burns coal, gold and depleted Uranium and Cobalt isotopes as fuel. The current mileage is 5 feet per gallon (in volume ) of fuel. Giant flames shoot out the exhaust an the vehicle is currently street legal on the planet Mars and in certain areas of Easter Island.

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