Sunday, March 1, 2009

Debriefing: Part Deux of a Nine Part Trilogy IIa.29va

Now that i've spent some time acclimating to the 30+ degree difference in temperature, never mind the humidity, there are some neat things about that remote island in the pacific:

  • No freezing once leaving the shower.
  • An abundance of Mac Salad.
  • Ocean? They got plenty.
  • Shorts? All the time.
  • One Blanket. If that.
  • Tradewinds. Warm winds of Trade.
  • Fruit Punch. Yes they have it elsewhere, but Hawaii seems to have a very specific ratio of syrup to water.

What was alarming:

  • Boy its hot and humid!
  • Did i mention hot and the humidity?
  • Traffic!
  • Houses so close...
  • Traffic!

surprisingly, i was very happy to step off HA flight 26 to cold, wet and rainy Oregon. We stopped at Shari's* and called it a night.

*TMO was closed.

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