Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Elephant In The Room

If you've noticed the lack of posts, thank you for noticing. It's hard to write entertaining and/or informative missives while your mind is melting. I digress.

Pictured is a shopping list i made, replete with mindful doodling. Behold the Triptych presentation as i could not fit the whole image on my little phone camera.

Chickens. Some are angry, most are not:

This image is followed by a long haired individual playing what appears to be a guitar. Note the Halo. Note the "Handed-ness". I like guitar. I find music interesting. Do you like music? I like music...
The series of notes that the chicken apparently is enjoying looks like 16th notes followed by a pair of 8ths followed by a triplet. I could be wrong...

The next image to the right is The Elephant In The Room.

What does it all mean? My guess? The elephant could be metaphor manifesting itself on a grocery list. A symbol of things happening in our lives?
Could it be the elephant looks that way because it thinks it could do a better solo? Maybe it doesn't like the note choice? Maybe the elephant heard a clam. This is why art is nifty.

An Elephant in the room, indeed. I hope it brought a pick. That's plectrum to you, buddy.

The band name? Glad you asked. "Ponderous Bulk"

Post script: Lots of things have happened to restore my faith in the universe, and things + human beings in general. While i'm duly aware your own happiness is your responsibility, i'm also aware and thankful of gestures/actions that appear to fall out of the sky, unexpected and unsolicited. For this, i am (we are) truly grateful.

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