Friday, June 6, 2008

M is for Metal. M is for Moiliili.

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin:

Get ready to feel the heat at Metalfest

Support your local scene, shredders, metal merchants, Norwegian Death Metal merchants, earthdogs, thrashers, punk-metal, hardcore, grindcore,doommetal, math metal, not so good at math metal but excellent literary skills metal, 28 pints of blood metal, shiny metal, dark metal, metal metal, brutal metal, brutally brutal metal, vinegar and garlic adobo metal, locals in oregon metal, real metal, false metal, pretty in pink metal, power metal, power rangers metal, golf metal, Yngwie, NWOBHM metal, NWOAHM metal, SLAYER (scream it you fuckers) SLAYER, art metal, i don't know what art is but i know what i like- metal, metal for fish metal, dethklok, ewa metal, ewa beach metal, Sacred Rite, Viking metal, nu metal, neo classical metal, new metal for people that can spell metal, groove metal, groovy man groovy metal, speed metal, rap metal, wrapping paper metal, progressive antarctica metal, glam metal, and plain old heavy metal. Rock on!

EDIT: #include( Glam Metal, Sleaze Rock, Big HairBands, Big pubic hair bands, spandex bands, people that shouldn't wear spandex bands, Faster Pusscat, Guns and Roses, LA Guns, Sacremento Pistols, La Jolla Gattling Guns and Tulips, Clammato Jane, Firehouse, Danger Danger , TNT, White Lion, Ecru Kiten, et al. Please note that glam metal was given consideration in the giant runonsentence above.)

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monika said...

um, don't see any big hair or spandex in the line-up.