Sunday, June 1, 2008

Golden Valley Brew Pub-McMinville, Oregon

On friday we officially declared the week brutally fucking brutal. Time out, time to get out of the house. Budget be damned. (Don't judge, you would have done the same thing too.. yes you.) 

'Twas decided; I would drive to the Town Center Chilli's, i mean, the Golden Valley Brew Pub in McMinville, Oregon. Apparently it is correct to refer to the town as "Mac". Like Mac salad, or "Hello I'm a Mac". You get the picture. When in Rome... hold brutal, barbaric deathsports.

The drive was very nice. Yamhill, Carlton, Mac. Once we arrived, we performed the Chinese fire drill procedure  so she could park the ride, as i always seem to have bad luck with parking in crowded lots.

We were seated right away. You know what that means? Yes! That's right!

A game of spot the Filipino!

Ayanna ti paginuman?

Swing and a miss.

Ok- like she pointed out, it was like walking into the bar at the Hawthorne Hotel. Thumb, meet sore. Back to the GVBP:

Oysters? Yummy. Drinks? Here are some pictures.

Above is a picture of the dreaded "Red Thistle Ale". I was warned explicitly in hushed tones by an anonymous general store clerk that i would not like it at all. Surprise! Good stuff! Next pic:

Above is a picture of the middle of the "10 tap stave sampler" Ten, (10), that is 1 followed by a zero, beers. Served in little glasses, perched on a barrel stave. All the brewskis  are produced at Golden Valley. Note the list. Next:

The tail end of the sampler. The IPA's, Belgian style ale, and stout are towards the end. Next:

A veritable rainbow bridge of beers, between Midgaard and Asgaard, of course. The clear winners? Their wheat beer (#1) and the dread "Red Thistle Ale". They're all good, those two are just the most memorable. Food? Outstanding! What did we have ? None of your damn business. I'll mention the oysters ( fried thank you ), and they did include bread and butter. 
Will we go again? Yes. Looks like a fun place to hang out and the menu demands repeat visits due to its size and byzantine complexity of a baroque nature. Art Deco? Never seen 'em in concert.

The review? Winnaz.  A good way to beat the "ain't got no mo, no mo" blues. In F, of course.

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