Friday, February 22, 2008

The Flight II: Son of the revenge of the flight.

The cool thing about the flight is that they give you little hand held media boxes. These are loaded with music, music videos and Movies. This time around HA loaded Hawaiian music. The uncool thing about the flight is that i'm sure my neighbor was annoyed with my taste in movies. I watched the movie about that rat that could cook, and the movie about the family that's colored yellow know, snowball II? Yes, that's it. Over and over again. Ad infinitum, rinse repeat. Hana Hou. One more time! Play it Again..

As always, i made a couple of loops around the airplane between bathroom breaks/booze breaks/animated movie breaks... it was a very packed flight. I noticed a lot of laptop sharing; a whole row of seats huddled around a laptop.

Yes, they served nuts.

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