Saturday, February 16, 2008

The flight.

The flight was scheduled for 1400 HST. HA flight HA26 from HNL direct to PDX, arriving at 2145 local time. The Hawaiian Airlines jet was adorned with the Hawaiian flag and given the name "Moli", the Hawaiian word for Albatross. The forward cabin area was adorned with Ti leaves. I spotted one local family on the flight, possibly about to be transplants like me, perhaps expatriates going back to their new home in Oregon.

While I am not fond of flying, it was even more difficult to take a look at my world from that tiny airline window. The skyway operator waved goodbye, and I flashed a shaka sign back as the jet backed out of the skyway.

I could see Diamond Head and the Honolulu skyline as we taxied down the runway, gaining more speed. Once the last set of wheels left the tarmac, it all began to sink in, the finality of it all. In a few minutes, all I've ever known will have been left far behind me.

Gaining more altitude, the pilots banked over the windward side of the island. From this view, you can see the entire length of the island of Oahu. Postcard perfect, the view was beautiful, of course.

Four words that helped on a trip i thought i would never take:

First. Class.

Free. Booze.

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