Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why we moved or how I learned to embrace the cold

So why did we move?

Simply put, we moved because she said so. Getting to the point where I could feel comfortable with the decision had many factors involved. Why? Should we? Logistics? Cost? Social Impact ? Jobs? Jobs? Can we eat? Jobs? Can the animals eat? Money? Jobs? Do you see a pattern emerging? Read on.

Here are a few reasons for moving for the curious among you:

Want land for your horses? Figure in close to a million dollars for a piece of property that's not a landfill. It just might have access to water and utilities if your lucky.

What about the outer islands? Good luck with that buddy! Prices are starting to creep up again, it would seem that land zoned for farms and AG are starting to be edged out by developers of suburbia or worse, more golf courses.

Cost of living. No sales tax.

Did I mention the abundance of land? I live on a farm now! ( My name is Frank and I approve of that I Live on a Farm now message ...)

Back to the move:

Monika suggested that she come back after securing the new home to help with the transport of the animals and horses. Of course, being an adult and a grown man, I immediately agreed. While there are some things I think i know how to do, moving and the logistical support thereof is not one of them.

I realized that i would be facing the prospect of living alone for the first time ever. Wait a minute... is this a good idea?

*cue music, roll credits*

On 11 Jan, 2008, Monika left for Oregon. On that following Monday, the house was secured.

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