Sunday, July 20, 2008

Small Fish, Big Fish

*picture by you know who, of you know what, from you know where..

i've always found the idiom "Big fish in a small pond" to be problematic, as if you would not want that. Big fish implies that you have control (or can control) your sphere of influence, i.e. your small pond. Consider the alternatives:

  • Small fish- small pond: Watch out for the big fish, or anything with baleen. Ok NOT OCEAN!
  • Medium fish- small pond: Ok, now you've stepped up ichthyological chain of command. Congratulations! Welcome to ineffectual middle management, bitches.
  • Algae-small pond: Well you just suck, pond scum...
  • Yellow Fin Tuna- small pond: That's not going to  work, i said POND, not OCEAN. Get thee home, Thunnus albacares!
The point of all of this ? Is there a point? a lesson? an allegorical treasure you can take home and place next to your bowling trophy...looking at it from time to time and enjoying its shiny patina? 

You tell me. i'm just sending bits out to the ether, maaaaaan.

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