Thursday, July 24, 2008


          *mailboxes observing vast  roaming herds of hay bales- Yamhill, Oregon

i have been noticing the differences in rural living vs. what i was accustomed to. Note this sentence:

"I found my self behind a hay baler on the highway while making a trip to the General Store

While our home in Hawaii was at least two miles from any store (Golden Mart being the closest at about 3 mi) you could be at a movie, chain restaurant or giant big box store in about 15 minutes. Assuming you don't get a ticket from the 5-Oh.

You will never see a Hay baler, combine, or similar implement of husbandry on the way to Goldenmart or Foodland...not even Chili's.

You will not pass acres of hay fields, horse pastures, cattle ranches, and vineyards on the way to Mililani town center.

You cannot , and i cannot repeat this often enough, get a styrofoam box filled with Korean food and 4 sides of your choice. Kim chee, taegu, mac salad and watercress the general store in Yamhill.

You will not at any time worry about pasture irrigation issues or compost pile management at your condo in Mililani or Mililani Mauka. If you do, please stop smoking the meth.

On your return trip from Mililani town center, you will not pass bales of hay ,the size of little british sports cars, lying in the fields.

Please note that the closest town is about 11 miles away. In the other direction, 17 miles away.

Like i've mentioned before, the process of adapting to change is a slow one.  However, when you do stop by the T&E General store in Yamhill, Oregon- try the jalapeno poppers, they have two types. The cream cheese filled pepper comes highly recommended. Fried capsaicin delivery vectors ease homesickness, if only for a little bit.


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