Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trask Mountain Outpost

To escape the heat, we visited the local Bar/Restaurant in Yamhill proper. (or is that restaurant/bar? bar and grill? booze and food?)

M was hesitant to enter at first. Being new to the area, what greeting could we expect? Cold stares from the dead eyes of the zombie bar patrons? A rural stereotype(s) manifest in a bar in deepest darkest Yamhill? The complete cast of the Magnificent Seven as bar patrons and Walter Brennan as bartender ? The MIND REELS!

Ok. None of the above happened.

Our Bartender? Came back home to Oregon from, wait for it, Kailua. The correct pronunciation of Kama'aina was a dead giveaway. What are the odds? Is Yamhill secretly becoming a magnet for locals? Maybe...

Here are some pictures for you:

More of the Bar:

i think i will name the two heads on the bar wall Walter and Perry....

Pictured above, a glass of Dee Rail Pale Ale. Note the ash trays. I think the place will hold 100 people, tops.

Service and Atmosphere? Winnaz!
Food and Booze? Outstanding! Disclosure: If you drink wine, i think they just have wine in a box... just to let you know.
Will we go again? Yes, of course! So, when you come out this way... I'll take you for a beer.

Laters. Remember your sunblock kids...

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monika said...

The people in there were so white they glowed in the dark. Need to begin the brownification of Yamhill...