Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday, My Precious...

How i spent my birthday yesterday:

Unbeknownst to me, a group of my friends from Hawaii have been living in the cedar trees for the last week.

At the predetermined time, the clandestine group sprang into action. Like Ninjas, or an Elite Swiss Alpine Counterterrorism unit, they descended from the trees. Maybe they were Elite Half Swiss, Half Marshmallow tree Ninjas? Each one these shadow warriors were clad in camouflage, bearing a Hawaiian state flag on their backpacks and a lit sparkler on their heads. Their "Little Mermaid" balaclavas were meant to conceal their identities and intimidate the squirrels.

The last of the Swiss Alpine Ski Team Ninjas brought a blue tarp and a cooler down from the largest of the trees.

All of the ninjas bore with them white styrofoam boxes from Keneke's, filled with foods from an exotic and far away land. (Don't spill the fruit punch, Ninja 6..)

As we consumed 42 pounds of poke', the "main" present was revealed. My daughter had secretly and illegally driven a pristine example of 1989 Ferrari 348 TS, VIN ZFFFAXMNIN09061966, and had parked it next to the Barn of Doom*, then covered it . How did the young lady hide it so well? It turns out the car cover was made by clever Elven hands on a magical loom, in the lands of Auendueill't'ylam'mithr'andirl'e'e'n. This car "cloak" made the vehicle visible only to the Elvish eyes (and the kid, duh) and not the eyes of man. My daughter uncovered the car, and there it was with a red leather interior, carefully decorated in the traditional "Hello Kitty" racing livery. The car stereo, of course, had the obligatory ABBA/Meshuggah/Maiden/TedNugent/Bach/SlackKey/Polka/Raga mix.

The odometer read 9066 Miles. The Tank was full...

Ok. It didn't quite happen like that.

M brought me a cake, a card, and a refreshing adult beverage. Thank you to all the well wishers! Please call me with your ninja outfit size, thanks.


*no footnote, you knew that right ?

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