Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Visitors. Book III, verses 23.186^16 to 24

Behold, a white chariot hath borne strangers to our land from the West, but they are known to us...for they are former and current people of the lands from the deep water known as the eight hundred and eight.

And lo, they have brought forth tales of their travels; tidings from the land of the eight hundred and eight, from the distant lands of Cut Bank, Montana, and tales from the lands of Gresham. Our hearts were made happy, and there was much rejoicing.

And we made haste and ventured forth into Yamhill, to Lago De Chapala did we venture to...

There was much feasting, and people did partake of the roast beast, and of the chips and salsa did they partake thereof...

And there was libation and more bounty of the earth, to celebrate the visitors...

And when the feasting was done, we hath shewn them all of Yamhill, from the T&E to Trask Mountain Outpost.

And we ventured forth into Trask Mountain outpost, there was much dessert, beer and coffee..

There was much wonder at the spoils of the hunt which covereth the walls of the outpost, for we did gaze upon the hides of beasts, and the heads thereof. Sitting at the hearth did we look upon them.

And we boarded the white chariot and hath shewn them the rest of Yamhill; from the grain elevator to the hay fields..

We did bid our farewells that night to our vistors, hoping they would return with news of shelter for 3 thousand.

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