Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer. Part the Third, Version RCV6.4a

And Lo, the yamhillites and mcminvillites toiled and labored in the field, their brows covered with sweat and the dust of the fields thereof. AND the Yamhillites cried out" The heat, it oppresses us. It maketh our days long and our toil filled with misery!" The Mcminvilleites responded in kind, "behold the light of the season brings us a bounty of dried leaves and twigs, will our vineyards survive ? O Yamhillites, canst thou provide us shelter? Wilt thou bring a change in season?"

You know what? Now its cold again. "And the hoodie was pulled from its long sleep in storage, and it was good"

It was Labor day yesterday, wasn't it? Behold, a Summer Song.

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