Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yamhill Stars.

i have a soft spot for things that deal with Astronomy or Cosmology. Please note that Hawaii is at  21 degrees N Lat. while  Yamhill is at 45 deg N Lat. Needless to say i  was  surprised the first time  i tried  to get my bearings at night. Finding Ursa Major was a challenge. Yes, smart guys. i know where North is... that many degrees of arc is significant, it sends the message that i'm not in Kansas anymore...and by Kansas I mean Mililani or Ewa Beach.

The Pros? light pollution out here is non-existent. You really can see the milky way quite easily. The cons? Southern stars that an 808 state person would expect aren't there. We won't even discuss the temperatures.

Messier objects? Yes. Jacket? Yes. Coyotes? Yes.

Sky full of stars ?



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