Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aloha Kakahiaka.

Good morning from Yamhill, Oregon. The current temperature is 31°F with ground ice conditions. The forecast for today is the high at 56°F, low at 36°F (snicker, hahahah, snort, snicker...) partly cloudy. 

              Ducks in the sky, quacking. Is that my Koan moment ?

The plan was to go to see Buckethead at the Aladdin Theatre. Remember kids, Ticketmaster is your friend. We did not, i did not expect the greasy binge nubing shards to be  sold out.  

Consolation prize ? Meshuggah is coming to the Roseland. No negotiations, this one is a done deal.

Although we didn't get to hear the small world stylings of my favorite guitar player that wears  bucket, i did enjoy the company of Ms. Ma'am and her impromptu tour of the PDX proper at night.  

Dinner was enjoyed at Nuestra Cocina. Bueno! Have the spicy Margarita, it is a life changing experience. The food was fantastic, the open kitchen show outstanding.

The night ended at The Heathman, after a quick tour of Portland's living room.

It is now 35°F. Aloha Kakahiaka, from Yamhill, Oregon!

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