Thursday, March 20, 2008

The chore list for today.

Here are my action items for forward operational base local-kine-freedom in Yamhill, Oregon. 

1. Drink Coffee.
2. Make Breakfast.
3. Unload Several hundred pounds of rocks and wood chips into the paddock.
4. Dig hole in ground.

The previous occupant had placed a platform made entirely out of wood at the opening to one of the horse stalls. The wood has since deteriorated, making it very hazardous for the horses.  The platform appears to be constructed of wood not unlike railroad ties, with flooring that is at least 1, almost 2 inches thick. This is supported by a frame of said railroad ties, embedded into the soil.

Hooray! Hooray!  Hooray!

The task is to remove all traces of the platform and supports, and fill the void with rock and wood chips , etc. to provide a safer place for horse hooves and to have a happy wife.

This shouldn't take too long, i think.  After that, standard ranch chores, house work, and my work obligations.

Pics to follow. There is a musical cherry on this Sundae of a day, however.

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