Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow Day: Forward Operational Base Yamhill

Today being Thursday, I had to get up earlier than usual. It's garbage day. This means I need to haul the tupperware cup from hell (with wheels) to end of the driveway near the edge of the road. I was not prepared for what I saw out the window.


Being from Hawaii and all that, please forgive my display of enthusiasm. HOW UNBELIEVABLY COOL IS THAT? FLUFFY RAIN ICE FALLING FROM THE SKY! THE SKY! ME LIKE!

Needless to say I was amazed. It was surreal, it was beautiful, it was the experience I asked for. It's one of those things you can't buy. I am grateful, indeed.

Being a scientific kind of guy, I decided to compile a list of tasks to complete when the next flurry of sky ice comes my way:

1) Snow Angel
2) Snow Man ( Followed by Snow Woman, Snow Person of Color, and Transgendered Snow person)
3) SnowBalls and Snowball warfare
4) I have two dogs. MUSH!
5) Create pair of snowshoes from MacTarnahans empties and cardboard carriers
6) Write name in snow. There, I said it.
7) Find two snowflakes that are exactly alike. Claim right as heir to Kingdom.
8) Learn all the Eskimo words for Snow.
10) Find Enchanted Magicians' Silk Top Hat for item #2. Create animate snowy Golem/henchman. Terrorize Yamill County Folk.

Here's to more snow,


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monika said...

Oh-oh; time to buy a plow...