Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reports From Home: VOG

Our fearless shutter finger advocate of freedom and justice, Mr. T, has sent more disturbing pictures from Home. While i must warn you that these images are not for the timid, i ask you, internet friends, to look closely. Do You See?

The odd atmospheric condition seen in the photographs is known as VOG.

btw, Mr. T, Time/date stamp...still broken.

Vog. That's what they want you to think. Let me put forth that my two seconds of research qualifies me as an expert in atmospheric scientificness, thereby making me a scientician in the field of SO2 and O2 humdingers.

Credentials aside, it is easy to see that the State of Hawaii thinks we will easily accept VOG as the reason for the haze depicted in the incorrectly dated pictures above.

I think not.

Clearly, this is an attempt, either by government or alien agencies, to introduce complex mood altering and mind control substances into the general population.

How else can one logically explain the Loco Moco? Reverse Print Aloha Shirts? Pipikaula?

We're through the looking glass people, the evidence is overwhelming.

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