Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Hath Sprung

That's right, the BYBITS (Big Yellow Ball In The Sky) made a spectacular appearance in the Yamhill  sky yesterday, filling the air with its thermonuclear goodness and the by products i have not seen since Hawaii- Light and Heat.

No Hoodie, no layers of clothes, no gloves, down vest, or thermals. A Miracle say you? Aye, indeed. 

Some of the local residents felt it was warm enough to warrant the shirtless and shorts look...
While my eyes adjust to the blinding display of white flesh, I present this picture of spring:

In this photograph dated 05/05/2008; Enzo expresses his extreme displeasure at the sorry state of the paint job on the window frame, and attempts to will me into fixing it using the powers of his tiny cat mind...

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