Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spotted in Yamhill

Like a creamsicle in the non blistering memorial day sky, she sat there:

*if you don't know what kind of automobile is in the picture above, please to clicky link: 
 Opel GT

Ok. It's not the one in the picture. I am not sure how the sheriffs department takes to strangers taking pictures of vehicles parked in Yamhillian driveways. Think more Orange. It looks in perfect shape- do you think the owner of  yon motormobile or autocar will take me for a spin? Do you think the owner looks exactly like Remmington Steele? EastGerman Polizei ? Bunsen J Honeydew?  Perhaps the driver of the Opel GT is the owner of a boutique vineyard and a caped crimefighter by night? Sysadmin?

Couldn't be a car nut. Perish the thought.

Did you know the direct descendant of the Opel Gt is the Pontiac  Solstice?

As i  mentioned before, i find cars interesting.

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