Saturday, May 24, 2008

To Minimize Disappointment, Lower Expectations

To prove to you that i type for a living (or a part-time living, for the persnickety amongst you out there in Internetsville) here are some lessons learned in Yamhill:

Brown sugar is not the same as raw sugar!
Azúcar moreno no es lo mismo que el azúcar en bruto!
Brauner Zucker ist nicht dasselbe wie Rohzucker!
Brązowy cukier nie jest taki sam, jak cukier surowy!

Oh? I thought sugar was sugar...
Oh? Pensavo di zucchero è stata zucchero ..
Oh? Pensé azúcar fue de azúcar ..
Oh? Myślałam, że cukier został cukru ..
There are a lot of skidmarks at the section of road that goes from a 40 MPH speed limit to 25 MPH..
Hay un montón de skidmarks en la sección de la carretera que va desde un 40 MPH límite de velocidad a 25 MPH...
Il ya beaucoup de skidmarks à la section de la route qui va de 40 mi / h une limite de vitesse de 25 mi / h...

Isn't this fun? Now for the title of the post...

Observed at the General Store; Cowboy in full regalia; complete with spurs, dust, grit and i would suppose a light dusting of horse poop...for Flavor.

Our subject was discussing trailering horses up to Canada with the shop keep, the local purveyor of general merchandise, when the unthinkable happened. 

He asked the other store clerk for a latte.

John Wayne did not drink lattes. Henry Fonda did not drink lattes. Tex Ritter did not drink lattes. Buffalo Bill Cody did not drink lattes. Annie Oakley did not drink lattes. I don't think any of the heros in the "Magnificent Seven" drank lattes, not even Yul Brynner, and certainly not McQueen. Do the PBR guys drink half caf soy lattes? Lattes?

I was expecting, "shot of rye in a dirty glass", "cup of joe", "Mezcal por favor..."

"Latte"..  Crestfallen, dejected, disappointed.  (psst, this is where you look at the title..)

Then again, he's the cowboy. He can drink what ever the hell he wants

Put it on my tab, Miss Kitty, I'm going to ride off  into the sunset now.

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